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Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking hardware. Pan Atlantic Technology carries a full range of Cisco network modules, port adapters, routers, switches, access servers, IP Telephony, wireless products, memory, cables and other accessories.

Whether your needs include a router for a small back office or a backbone switch for a scalable campus, Pan Atlantic’s expansive inventory, knowledgeable sales and support staff are ready to answer your call with unbeatable pricing. We have an extensive list of NME , HWIC, EHWIC and switching modules that offer many different solutions in VoIP, ATM, PXF technology that offers service acceleration as well as Gigabit solutions, heck, even old Token Ring protocols.

If you are looking for discontinued products from Cisco to compliment your network architecture, Pan Atlantic can offer a full array of inexpensive solutions to optimize your networks. Often times, having a spare unit will cost less than utilizing an expensive maintenance agreement with virtually no down time to your network.